Marqi Studio

Based in East London, Marqi Studio is a dynamic and daring independent fashion studio, standing as an avant-garde haven for fashion enthusiasts, particularly championed by a female-led team. Our expertise lies in crafting fashion that seamlessly blends both masculine and feminine silhouettes, showcasing a collection where boldness intertwines effortlessly with enduring elegance.

Immersed in the vibrant world of contemporary art, geometric shapes, and captivating landscapes, Marqi Studio draws inspiration to redefine the boundaries between fashion and art. Our designs playfully symbolize the intersection of these realms, bringing forth a collection that transcends the conventional and celebrates individuality.

Marqi's community

At Marqi Studio, we envision fashion as a profound source of inspiration, allowing individuals to express their unique personalities and revel in the joy of each moment. Our creations embody a timeless silhouette that reflects the essence of our bold and fun brand, encouraging a spirited journey where style and art converge. Embracing the power of community, we believe that fashion is a shared experience, fostering connections and uniting individuals who appreciate the transformative nature of self-expression. Join us in cultivating a vibrant community where creativity knows no bounds, and each fashion choice becomes a celebration of individuality within a collective tapestry.


Our Vision

Marqi Studio is an antithesis of fast fashion: our passion lies in designing clothes that have individuality and longevity.

Our vision is to make sustainable fashion very fun and playful and we believe by using innovation material, unique prints and bold colour, sustainable fashion could  be interesting. We want our customers to keep every Marqi Studio piece for long time, we are not interested with promoting quick or short-term trends, instead we are focused on building long term relationships and evolving with our wearers over time. The brand’s ethos is centred around inclusivity, confidence, uncompromising quality and effortless wearability.

We are Slow Fashion

Marqi Studio, situated in Hackney, East London, is operated by a proudly small, female-led team. Our design process involves planning collections 8-10 months in advance to dedicate ample time to develop robust products. This meticulous approach ensures the highest quality and optimal fit for every garment, all while adhering to sustainable and considerate practices throughout our product development.

Rejecting the traditional seasonal approach, our core philosophy revolves around creating products that are versatile and suitable for year-round wear. Our strategy involves releasing limited collections comprising 8-10 styles per drop, with each style produced in limited quantities (50-80 pieces). This deliberate choice maintains the uniqueness and freshness of our collection, offering our customers a distinct and exclusive experience.

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Meet Alice

The brand owner and creative director Alice, is the person who runs above and beyond the brand. After graduating from London Collage of Fashion. she quickly established herself in the fashion industry, successfully co-founding two fashion brands - Goldie London and Wyldr - a few years later. After a decade of working in the dynamic fashion industry, Alice realized that she could do more. She stepped away from her co-ownership roles and created Marqi Studio as a passion project infused with her unique vision and artistic flair.

Alice sees herself as a true ambassador for her brand. Like everyone else, she wears black hoodies with a cap most days. But when she needs to, she can dress up like the center of attention. Her collection is full of her personality, which is laidback, fun, and spontaneous. Marqi Studio's collection is her way of connecting with every individual, encouraging them to embrace their individuality, uniqueness, and creativity through her brand.